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Founded in 1996 on a limited budget of one hundred dollars, KDS has since then maintained its value at a high standard when contributing to their customers’ needs. Having faced a myriad of adversities as immigrants and successfully overcome them, the founders of this family owned business continuously strive to persist with their strength in the form of development, personally and professionally.

Over the decades, our CEOs have devoted vast amounts of commitment to professionally evaluate the quality of the material which translates into our prime products. To date, we have successfully shipped over 100 million products to customers who entrust their businesses with us. As a result, we have been able to expand our involvement from a local scale to that of a global scale.

We strive to better provide for our diverse population by supporting employees by being inclusive of various backgrounds such as those who are veterans, or the incarcerated community, among many others. It is our utmost pleasure to be proudly employing a collectively motivational workforce who have found support within KDS.

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8580 Younger Creek Dr # A Sacramento, CA 95828  /  Tel. 916.381.9358

Accounting: 916.320.7562 / Customer Services: 916.849.2741

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